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space standards

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​1) Full exhibition space
​2) Mini exhibition space

in preparation

in preparation

Space availability

Usage method/fee

●Purpose of use
・Exhibitions (solo exhibitions, group exhibitions), live painting (need to discuss), etc.
- Exhibitions other than illustrations and paintings are also possible, so please feel free to contact us (no events that involve loud noises)

●Exhibition time
・Basics for 1 set: Setup Monday, Exhibition Tuesday to Sunday from 18:00 (actually 5 days), Dismantling from 18:00 on Sunday
・Each day's exhibition hours are according to TentCen Kobe business hours (from business start to drop-in reception time)
・Closed on Mondays and Wednesdays (Set-up will be done on Mondays)

●Exhibition location
・Full exhibition
・Mini exhibition
Please see above for space details.

●Usage fees (subject to change)
・Full exhibition 28,000 yen 1 set (5 days)
・Mini exhibition 15,000 yen 1 set (5 days)
・20% of the sales price as a sales commission for exhibited works and product sales

●How to apply
・Please apply from the inquiry form on TentSen Kobe's homepage.
・Please present something that explains the contents of the exhibition (photos, SNS, homepage, etc.)
・Depending on the content of the work, we may refuse to display it.
・When you apply,Exhibition Space Terms of UseYou agree to the
・If you have any questions, please email
Or please contact us at 070-4326-3243

●How to pay usage fees
・Please pay by bank transfer or cash.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kobe Sales Department
    Store number 500 Account number 1860784 Name Hirokazu Sugisaki (TentCen Kobe store owner)
・Transfer fees are borne by the artist.
・Please make payment at least 2 months before the exhibition.

・Cancellations made up to 2 months before the event will be subject to a cancellation fee of 15,000 yen.
If you cancel within 2 months, you will be charged the full gallery usage fee.
・There will be no cancellation fee due to schedule adjustments due to our convenience.

●About exhibition setup
1) Delivery
・Basically, the artist will be responsible for transporting the goods.
・If setting up at TentCen (sending works by mail), please contact us with the layout plan one week before the exhibition.
・Estimated delivery time is 12:00-15:30 on the Monday before the exhibition period.
- Delivery of works can also be negotiated (delivery costs will be borne by the artist)
・In the case of a full exhibition, the exhibition will basically be done with nails (double-sided tape, nails, etc. can be negotiated)
・In the case of a mini exhibition, it will be displayed on a basic exhibition stand (double-sided tape, sticky insects, etc. can be negotiated)
・There is a municipal street parking lot in front of the building (300 yen/hour, payment required every hour)
・In principle, additional deliveries are prohibited.

2) Export
・Basically, the artist will be responsible for transporting the items.
・Estimated removal time is Sunday from 18:00 to 20:00.
・Return to status quo after removal
・If the work is to be carried out at TentCen (returning the work by mail), please contact us. In that case, please also send a reply slip.

3) Regarding equipment
・You can use the basic tools available at Tentsen Kobe.
・Please consult us if special tools are required for setup and removal.
・With picture rail and lighting

●Purchased works
・Handover/Delivery from TentCen Kobe to the customer (Delivery charges will be borne by TentCen Kobe)
・Delivery packaging will be done at Tentsen Kobe (please contact us if you would like to enclose a letter, etc.)

●Other usage precautions
・Copyright belongs to the artist
・Please prepare the DM by the artist. Please leave around 100 tickets at Tentsen.
・No fire or smoking allowed in the space
・We are not responsible for any unexpected natural or man-made disasters (theft, damage, etc.)
・If equipment, interior decoration, fixtures and fittings are damaged or destroyed, venue users will be required to pay for the actual costs.
・Because it is a coworking space with a cafe attached,
Please note that some customers will be eating and drinking.
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