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​テントセン合同誌 『カシオペア』

This is a joint magazine project of Tentsen Kobe.
The outline is as follows.

🪴Cover picture

🪴Participating artistsHmm (titles omitted, in no particular order)

Participation conditions: Those who can use TentSen Kobe at least once or by September 1, 2023

Apply from HPI will add more information as soon as I confirm! !

・Amakuchi for viewing
・Kaoru HoshimiTwitter
・Sergeant JojiTwitter
・Aoi HinataTwitter
・Haruni KitamuraTwitter
・charlie Twitter
・emu Twitter
・Ura Yamamoto Twitter
・Aimi SaddleTwitter
​・Manmaru IchikaInstagram
​・Kuga ShimotsukiTwitter
​ Kayanoki fireplaceTwitter

🪴The theme is "Confession"
・It is not limited to confessions of love. Confession of sin is also OK.

🪴Number of pages
・4 or 8 pages

・Recruitment deadline: ~2023/6/11 (Sun)
・Name exchange meeting (optional) Scheduled around mid-July 2023
・Writer's manuscript collection 2023/9/3 (Sun)
・Editing completed 2023/10/1 (Sun)
・Scheduled submission: 2023/10/8 (Sun)
・Kansai Committee 2023/10/22 (Sun)

🪴Participation fee: 5000 yen/person
・Printing costs (estimated to be around 50 to 70 copies) will be covered by participating artists' participation fees.
・Proceeds from sales will be used for editing costs and launch costs.
(If sales are higher than expected, we are considering carrying over the costs for printing the next joint magazine.)
・I would appreciate it if you could ask Tentsen to do some manuscript work from time to time!

🪴Manuscript standards (Please read carefully for smooth editing!)
・Size B5 
・Start of left page
・Width 182mm x height 257mm

・Drop width 3mm
・Resolution 600dpi 
・Expression color: Monochrome/grayscale are both OK
・Please do not include a page number.
・If you are worriedglory printing templatePlease download from

・The author is responsible for adding text to the manuscript.

・​ Age-specified works are not allowed
・BL and Yuri are OK

・No extreme gore (if you don't know the standards, contact the Tentsen store owner)
・We are not recruiting illustrations at this time.
・Past works that have already been published on SNS are also accepted.
・It is OK to post the manga contributed this time to SNS, but we recommend that you post them after the Kansai committee.

🪴How to apply

・Please apply from the event list page (jump from the button below)

・Please applyYou will receive an email from TentSen Kobe.
・Specified by ~2023/6/11Participation fee 5000 yen in bank account
Your application will become official once we receive your payment.

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kobe Sales Department
Ordinary account 1860784
Account holder: Hirokazu Sugisaki

Cancellation is...Applications will be accepted until July 30, 2023 and a full refund will be given.
After this period, no refund will be given even if the manuscript is not submitted.

🪴Contact us  
・If you have any questions, please call us (070-4326-3243)), web inquiry form, tentPlease contact us directly at Sen Kobe.
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